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Kickstarter fundraiser 

Hey Everyone, 

I've started a 30 day kick-starter campaign to raise money to finish recording my debut album, which I will title Unconditional. All the songs have been written for it and I have began recording a few of the tracks. I just need to finish getting it recorded, hence the fund-raiser. The studio I'm recording at is called White Noise Productions in Denton, Tx, with my friend Jason Rochester, whose engineering the project. Kick-starter is a safe fund raiser, I feel, especially for the backers of the project because if the goal is not reached then the money they donated is returned to them. Here's a link to the project, go check it out and I will be appreciative for any support you may offer!

I will release the track list in 2 weeks!


Embarking on a journey 

Well today I started recording my my first original EP. My initial desire is 6-8 tracks. The first session went really well. I feel like I got a good foundation for 3 of the tracks. I very much appreciate my buddy Jason's professionalism and accommodating atmosphere that was provided over at the White Noise Productions Studios. I'm looking forward to putting in more work into this. The possibilities are endless. 

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